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Ultimate House

Landscape Design

Project Brief

A radiation, a set of rings, concentric circles, is how the ultimate has been raised up. The materials, raw, the details, customized, every part of this round house demands a look intense, deserves a look afresh. The exposed walls have been treated with care for visual verticality, where the horizontal planes have been scooped to form spaces of complementary volume, be it the living space or the central court. The dinning space however gives way to the sensory of sound as the water wall extrudes to become a part of external ring.

On the upper floor, each bedroom thrives in depicting its individuality be it in the interiors or the way the space merges out from the balcony. As every piece comes together to give this structure its charm, the inter ached jali of the home theater adds another raw tint with the shade of terracotta, making the visual experience rather soft and yet instating bold. This spree of element continues when it comes to the vertical circulation as the staircase is a dual curve stepping to connect. This connection at the very top reveals yet another slab of geometry in the configuration of an ellipse.

Any yet, that is not where this composition binds itself, the upper garden where the overflow of a sloping lawn on one side, leading towards a gazebo behind a green screen extending to a feature wall on one side, to a temple led by floating stones and an elemental swing under the leaf of pergola on the other side. The concentric curves here are of shrubs in extension.

Whereas, the lower gardens depict the importance of geometry with a take on multi centered kingpin. The existing tree on site is one of those nodes with circulation and water ring. In addition, each pathway leads to a retreat in focus, be it the wooden deck covered with a canopy, stretching out to the stepped outspread of interaction or platforms covered in the abundance of green foliage, to the pause points of intimidating sculptures or elemental seatings. Each radiation in this composition defines a function, elaborates an atmosphere to engage.


Client: Shri. Janak Patel
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape, Interior, Architecture
Date: 2022
Size: 48000 Sq.Ft
Team: shivansh, harmisha, meet
Agency: Studio 2+2

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