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Ahmedabad, 2019-2022

Client: Shri. Janak Patel

Keywords: Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Area: 48000 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Shivansh, Harmisha, Meet

Write up Courtesy: Harmisha

Picture Courtesy: Twoplustwo

The concept behind the Swagat farm is to find a continuous relationship between the exteriors and the interiors. Materials are used to adapt age in harmony with the environment, maintaining its natural characteristics and allowing in this way to infuse with it.
The space has been transformed by using rustic style. The natural and artificial light are
the key players, natural light entering in the daytime and creating different patterns in the space,
and artificial light emphasizing the materials used precisely at night. The brick walls
protecting the intimate sectors, wooden furniture adding to the ambience and the wooden ceiling
for the aesthetics, altogether completes the experience.

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