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CIPL Head Office

Interior Design

Project Brief

The interiors aim at representing the work typology of the office in the field of construction, and achieves it by including raw materials as a part of the furniture. The division of spaces pays attention to efficient circulation area and well-planned work stations along with storage cabinets.

By using various textures of stone for a wall sculpture to use of TMD bars for support of conference table, the furniture follows the concept to its roots. Further, the central workspace is given the smooth finish of yellow jaisalmer stone as per vastu consideration.

The head office is remarkable in its proficiency with fresh ambience for the well-being of its clients as well as the employees.


Client: Chavda Infra Pvt.Ltd.
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior
Size: 1215sq.ft
Date: 2019
Team: shivansh,arpee,suraj
Agency: abhishek shah

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