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Shivalay Shikhar

Landscape Design


Client: Shivalay Group
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 63980 sq.ft
Date: 2021
Status: Word in progress
Team: Hozefa, Rashi

Project Brief

Geometry plays a vital role in developing the landscape of such a small space, the main objective behind this project is how to show the small spaces as large expanded area. In this project we have rotated the
square from a common centre point along with it we have gradually increase the size of the square and rotate them from a single central point in the anticlockwise direction and this has been dispersed in the whole site, in this way we have developed the concept of the project.

The entry of the garden has been kept from two sides of the rotated square one can reach the activity lawn space by passing an interesting fabricated screen having abstract design. The landscape space comprised in such a way that all the four corner serving different purposes. First corner having open seating area other one has a shaded seating area for senior citizens another one consists of isolated seating zone under the shade of trees which can be used for reading or even for meditation. This corner includes more green space compared to any other corner to give a suitable environment which even cater the requirement for such space. The last corner is the play area which is behind the event deck subsist of various innovative play equipments. The area is enclosed by precast square pots stacked over one another make a barrier from the drive way it also incorporates English language alphabets which helps the toddlers in grasping the knowledge of Letters and colours.

We have used every nook and corner of such a small landscape space so that our target can be achieved of giving as much amenities which are possible and are required for such project.

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