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Kundan Patel

Landscape Design

Project Brief

The landscaping done at Kundan Patel Housing is a thought-about approach toward bringing the forest back home. Highlighting the green area and engaging activities in a general green sprawl, the design echos the need for an increase in the green cover. The intensive design process started by defining the extent of the green sprawl on sizeable mounds and containing it in terracotta walls allowing engagement of leisurely activities within the same space.

After highlighting the green sprawl on a higher level, seating spaces, water bodies, and flower beds form the second band of the project. With ample seating spaces and lawn area, one can spend hours together in the shadows of the centrally placed profuse tree bed. The spaces have been divided into parts, yet are tuned together with the help of shadows portrayed by the exuberant trees.

Pathways unify these various activities together allowing a common area to experience relaxing walks. With a mini forest right in the middle of the housing society, the entire site lights up with peace and calm, giving a push towards creating a successful ecosystem amidst the gray sprawl.


Client: Shri.kundan Patel
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape, Interior, Architecture
Date: 2021
Size: 48305 Sq.Ft
Team: Margi, bhautik
Agency: Inhouse

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