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shivana auram

Landscape Design

Project Brief

The concept of a radiating leaf is what ties the structures together, it is a rather flow in contrast to the elevating strict lines. The rotation of the curves forms the spaces of interaction. The club house anchors the play and celebration spaces, along with reflecting its transparency to the water feature.

The stepped platforms enclose this reflectivity on one side, in extension to the motion integrated play area, yet keeping the view wide open for involvement even as the activity strip folds out further.

The lawn wraps these leaflets of hardscape with seatings overlooking to the play of transitions. On the other side of this formation, the circular tree pit seatings make room for involved atmosphere, which can be approached by the shaded passageway, making the circulation rather tranquil.


Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 2210 sq.ft
Date: 2021
Status: Work in progress
Team: Shivansh, Harmisha, Arshav

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