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L Block, Mondeal Retail Park. SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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Design by : 7 Days Creation

Project Brief

Evercrest is a corporate office designed differently giving importance to every room and corner. The entrance opens into a reception and waiting space with a small lord Ganesh idol to keep the place serene.

Cubicle seating space is designed behind the reception area for employees to use it as a breakout place. Working space for employees is kept spacious and comfortable along with a temple in the centre having curved walls inside. Hanging letters read as ‘ The Best Crew’ from the wooden ceiling is a salient feature behind the workstation under which a small seating space is designed. Every room has quotes or words embossed on the walls giving a 3D look to grab the attention.

All the cabins have famous quotes embossed on walls to help motivate everyone working there. One of the unique space in this office is the conference room. This room gives a lively feeling as it has circles hanging from the ceiling as well as coming-forth from the walls. Some circles and concaved while others convexed creating a pattern on the wall. Huge windows and openings are provided to let more sunlight get in the office. An open terrace is designed to create a relaxation space for the employees to chillout during their breaks.

All these features and design makes Evercrest an amazing space to work.


Client: Evercrest Projects Pvt.Ltd.
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 4768 sq.ft
Date: September 6, 2022
Team: Sneha,ankita,malvi
Agency: visualms

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