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Gandhinagar, 2022

Client: Kaavyaratna Group

Keywords: Interior

Area: 6620 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Malvi, Aarti

Write up Courtesy: Harmisha

Picture Courtesy: Eyecon

The form of planes overlapping is what extrudes out is the void of site, these planes further modulate as an experiential pathway with minute slopes, running along the length of one of the residential blocks. It is this connectivity that holds the green eventful stretch in extension, where a wooden deck shaded by the fall of creepers on one side and a wooden cuboid of gym floating upon an enclosure of glass with indoor play scape on the other side gives the space its definition of volume. In addition, the same deck is further enhanced by the backdrop of mural on an extrusion with stone scales facing the entrance driveway.

It is then the pocket spaces in landscape that makes it a multi user expansion. From the stepped seating facing the mesh of ivy in front, and green patch on one side, to the levelled platforms tied with interactive seatings, swings and meditation platform, are all tied together with an element of sound adding serenity in the space. To this encompassing landscape, the kid’s play area is a sightseer on the other side of the sloped crossing under the shade, extending out to the multi play court, merging with the said planes of hardscape.

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