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The Blue House

Interior Design


Client: Shivalik Group
Location: Ahmedabad
Category: Interiors
Size: 1450 sqft
Date: 2020, Completed
Team: shivansh, sneha, malvi

Project Brief

When we first saw this apartment, we were not actually sure about the exact use of space, since the client already had a bungalow in uber location of Ahmedabad and this space was relatively smaller for their lifestyle. But later, we came to know that this was to be used as a humble abode within the city, which is close to clients’ office and they might use it for staying few days a week, invite their guests and dignitaries. This was much more than their regular living space, it was their leisure space, but the brief given to us was “sobriety”. The design which has been executed was our first cut and they liked it and trusted us to go ahead, without any change. There were basic requirements like a reading area, a well-designed kid’s room and the most important, a complete kitchen+dining space. We start with a mirror cladded vestibule area, which has been kept dark & minimal, with metal wire frames & an ecstatic bench to welcome you. The dark colours only add to the warmth & the contrast has been balanced with a blown glass pendant stained in blue. The vestibule has a humble sized guest-room, on its left and a store (accessed through the hidden door with the mirror wall) on the right. The central axis of the vestibule meets the fluidic shaped mirror hung in the living room. The living room is a huge space, about 600 sqft, and it has been designed to cater to various smaller activities; like the reading area, a round & compact 6-seater dining table with a resin pendant, & finally the main drawing area for 8-10 people. This drawing area can be extended by opening the sliding shutters to the wide outdoor room(balcony) and it can add 5-6 more to the existing number of 8-10 guests.

The balcony has tall furniture, so that we can get the borrowed view from the urban fabric around the building. There a big modular kitchen made out of back-painted champagne finish glass and PU coated white serving counter, which adds to our brief of sobriety. The complete wall adjacent to kitchen has been rendered in a mild green wallpaper, with streaks of champagne colour (following the kitchen shutters). And on this wall, we have a powder coated metal plate as a minimalist unit, thereby defining the niche for TV on this wall. Since we are using an infrared toolkit with the TV, we are able to hide the set-top box within the cutlery counter. Continuing to the interior space, the living area leads to a smaller lobby which has been designed as a pooja room. Just like the other spaces, we have kept it very minimal, with the backing of refurbished wood patti(s), and making the halo with single, hammered brass plate, we have placed the idol on a high stool with Stainless Steel round top. The three bedrooms can be accessed through this lobby, which includes a kid’s room, designed as a haven for their kid, aspiring to be in space and talk with the skies as he grows up. The room has been designed for their only son, and we have kept the bed towards the window side to make space for him to play. Also, there is a well-defined study space with ample storage for books and stationery. There is a secondary bedroom for their family (whenever required) and then the primary bedroom for the clients. This bedroom has been designed in warmer tones, unlike the complete house, which has shades of cool colours. The purpose was to keep this room colourless and use only neutral tones of warm greys. The only colour in the room is the canvas of Erythrina tree flowers on its northern wall.

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