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Landscape Design

Project Brief

A story of deviation Diversion or Deviation in any perspective can create wonders, and also confusion, this is our part how we manage by not creating any imprudence. In place of using linear lines we tried to use angular flow in which they are concentrated in a particular direction. Another reason for doing the same, was to show the space larger than it seems in reality.

As we enter the site one can notice a huge sculptural vertical tower, which is actually security cabin, but we have extruded its height to give a tower like feeling and even to give a volumetric entrance corner.

As we proceed ahead the drop of zone appear, then a shaded seating area and an open sunken interactive space can be seen. In angular direction a large portion dedicated as play space with various vibrant coloured EPDM flooring which also includes innovative play equipment’s placed in a strategic manner.

The last corner has huge rectangular lawn space surround by flowering trees, one corner has a deck platform for the event and the last corner has a seating area under the dense shade giving trees. We have included all the amenities which were required for such a housing scheme. One thing which is noticeable that the angular lines, in the flooring leads to elements in the same direction because of which each niche of space looks expanded and vast.

In between the garden one pathway integrates in the garden which is the guiding walkway towards the garden from the building. The design is dominated by the angular lines which blended well with the greens in the garden, and show as the picture of subtle landscape with minimal vertical structures.


Client: Sarjil Bhai
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape, Interior, Architecture
Date: September 6, 2022
Size: 19186 Sq.Ft
Team: janki, Rashi, Mansi
Agency: studio flamebirds

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