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Interior Design

Project Brief

With concept of nature, the spaces are designed with elements of nature as anchor points, influencing even the artifacts along with furniture to follow the organic and smooth forms.

The color palette for spaces revolves with the identity of individual nature elements. The living space is a rather combination of multiple such elements, with a patterned green wall that features a frame of mountains, couch of leaves, center table representing tree trunk. Whereas, the staircase features the railing loop inspired from branches turning in.

Even though the master bedroom and kitchen follow the trunk as anchor point, take of this theme differs. Where the kitchen is a strong hold of brown and white, the bedroom is a subtle of grey and a lighter shade of brown. The parent’s bedroom on the other side is based on mountains, with its bold lines and frames.

The kid’s room whereas becomes playful with its take on animal theme, imprinted on walls. Leaves are what becomes anchor point to guest bedroom, framed for the walls. The birds are what becomes the feature for lounge space, perched on green wall.


Client: Shivalik Group
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior
Date: September 6, 2022
Size: 1740 Sq.Ft
Team: shivansh, sneha, arpee
Agency: pratikruti

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