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Alphabet A

Landscape Design

Alphabet A

Landscape Design

Project Brief

Retiring to your vacation destination is what the landscape of Alphabet A feels like. Serene outdoors with a dense shade of green, Alphabet A changes your everyday blues into peace. The landscapes have been designed keeping in mind the multiple users, functions, and purpose of the space, all while displaying luxury.

The green grounds are surrounded by cozy nooks and corners, hiding between lush plants. With seatings made in stone and flooring in wood, the combination outputs modernism in lavish earthy tones. With seasonal plants, one can see the moods of the space change every season, the observer is never disappointed by the display in front. With the calming greens, the space also delivers the blues of the infinity pool, which serves as a relief on a particularly hot day. The landscape of the place has been tied together with a view from the fitness lounge. The design of these outdoors not only serves as a sight to behold but also invites the viewer to experience the calm of the grounds.


Client: jaydeep buildcon
Status: work in progress
Category: landscape
Size : 24294 sq.ft
Location: ahmedabad

Team: shivansh, rashi, naurin

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