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Interior Design


Client: Vishwanath Builders
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior Design
Size: 5320 sq.ft
Date: 2021 – Completed
Team: shivansh, meet, sneha

Project Brief

The interior of Vishwanath Builders’ office show power and strength depicting the work of the office that never fails to impress. The entrance is made up of customised perforated metal in their symbolic colour of red. As one enters, the room opens to a wide spread area including reception, anteroom, a lounge and a meeting room. The reception desk as well as its backdrop with the brand’s logo holds one’s attention and flows along the interiors of the room holding a warm yet elegant theme. A court is formed in forefront of three personal cabins. The cabins have clear glass partitions that overlook the centrally placed sculpture of an ant queen, portraying supremacy, under the wide ceiling light. Each cabin is designed with modern style yet customised décor to follow a variety of theme.

Each lounge room is experimented through a diverse style. One by creating antithesis between light coloured walls and darker shaded furniture, follows eclectic style. Whereas, another one is decorated in transitional style with a twist of warm lighting paired with muted furniture palette. The staircase space is complimented with embossed and debossed geometry on its enclosing walls. This double heighted space is provided with mirror on the ceiling for broader vision. An abstract sculpture made out of concrete and metal fits in perfectly.</p?

The upper storey lobby similarly, has a polished capsule reception desk with an open modern traditional style anteroom. The wall cladding have vertical grooves with the ceiling following the lines horizontally depicting longevity.

The clear glass partitions give a transparent vision into the rooms plus a sense of wider space. The main office room follows a raw theme with unfinished waffle ceiling and palette that includes hues and tints of vermilion. The adjacent conference and meeting room continue the theme with contemporary yet minimalistic furniture and concrete display pieces. The overall glass façade overlooks the outdoors as well as one gets an insight of the interiors. The well-illuminated elements and the logo is highlighted warmly during the evenings. The interiors, inclusively, are enhancive such that it gleams when illuminated as well as when shone under the natural sunlight.

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