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L Block, Mondeal Retail Park. SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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Design by : 7 Days Creation

Project Brief

Inspired from the Tea Villa’s own logo of Pacman, the four sides of the Café have energizing spaces with the central space acting as a refreshment zone.

The voyage of the Café starts with a warm glowing entrance. The sculpture wall is created symbolizing the playful game of Pacman wherein the Pacman is catching the pointers. With Tea Villa having nationwide outlets, the pointers in the wall display the Silhouettes from the Heritage buildings in and around Ahmedabad. The tables are carved with the silhouettes of tea leaves from the diverse regions of India with brief descriptions of the same. A beauteous sculpture symbolizes a lady indulged in the aromatic tea.


Client: Tea Villa
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior Design
Size: 1863 sq.ft
Date: 2018, Completed
Team: shivansh, Jank

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