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KBG 323

Landscape Design

Project Brief

KBG is a home along the golf course with luxurious and peaceful surroundings combined in order to provide an interminable view. The landscape at KBG fills the users with a sense of serenity and calmness. Entrance foyer is such designed that creates a feeling of curiosity at every step until one comes in contact with the panoramic view of the whole green space.

Walking through the narrow pathways around the huge green ground covered with verdant trees brings a feeling of calmness. One of the significant features is the wall around the curved walkway with different heights giving a view of a sloping wall designed along the green ground. Gazebo is a small spot of simple pleasure to users juxtaposed with a semi-open space and an open space with an existing tree kept untouched. An infinity edge swimming pool is enclosed with a fringe of bushes to maintain the privacy as well as keep the balance between the greens and blues.


Client: Shri Manoj Savla
Location: Ahmedabad
Category: Landscape
Size: 59850 sq,ft
Date: 2017, Completed
Team: shivansh, rashi

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