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Indraprasth Gulmohar

Interior Design

Project Brief

On the 13th floor of Indraprastha Gulmohar, the 3BHK spacious apartment facing IIM Ahmedabad on one of its sides has ample light and ventilation. The residents of the apartment did not want typical interiors, but rather a modern luxurious touch within the space featuring straight lines and sleek designs. On entering, there is a formal living which has subtle tones of warm grey.To add a pop of color, wall sculpture added with a turquoise blue color, further carried in the chairs of the open dining to the dado in the kitchen. In addition to it, Mr. Patel wanted sculptures in the living, thus, a figurative dancing doll sculpture is allocated.

In the informal living, there’s an elegant wide swing with glass on backrest and brass finish throughout. The kitchen has minimal white interiors with highlighted dado, in turquoise blue. Leading to a simple yet elegant pooja space, small niches created in the wall with dimly lit panels and warm neutral color palette making it inviting and positivity infused space.

Ensuing the theme, in mother’s room, a subtle, warm gray neutral color palette is followed and receives ample of sunlight inside, is designed for maximum comfort. It has a small and flexible working space. A hidden entry, leads to the guest bedroom, which follows a neutral gray palette throughout, makes it more exquisite.

To unwind from a busy day and be at peace, master bedroom follows a plum wine color palette, giving it a serene and elegant look. The room has minimal furniture which gives a clutter-free feel, leaving a lot of space for movement. In contrast, the wall behind bed has a sculpture with pop of multiple colors.

Also, a work from home space having a small lounger sofa and workstation space in shades of mint color palette giving a comforting and relaxing feeling. A wide-open balcony is linked to the study where one can sip evening tea, soaking the setting sun.


Client: Shri.Kunal Pate
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior
Date: September 6, 2022
Size: 2236 Sq.Ft
Team: janki, shivansh, arpee, malvi
Agency: inclined studio

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