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L Block, Mondeal Retail Park. SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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Landscape Design

Project Brief

The canopies are what flows through the site, from the curvature of entrance enhanced with colonnades with a base of stepped plantation and spilling of green rails from top, central scheme indication on a cluster of boulders, to the flood gardens defining the connectivity spine.

Each plot in this residential collect is bounded with plantation. The common plots, each in themselves thrives on individual baselines. The very first on the left of the entrance, is a rather gathering space with seatings facing the circulation, raised and visually connected. The bon fire with a ring of columns layered with greens is what holds the focus. Whereas, on the very right of entrance, is a tree library radiation, where the lines stretch to hold planters and platforms for introvert interactions. To continue this intensification, the restaurant is based on the raw materials of concrete and metal with transparency to indulge the softscapes in. Where each facade is treated as per the elements it faces, the spillover of this dine in has been shaded with pergolas depicting the trees along with the enclosure of plantation.

A curved flow of modulating height is what separates the restaurant from the movement of green floor parking, catering to the clubhouse too with its own amenities ranging outwards. These are rather functional with celebration lawn, splash pool, deck spaces, kid’s play area of customized equipment, plaza pocket, and shrub strips leading the vision to a prominent sculpture.

As the flow goes, the detached green scape is rather a Zen volume, as curves bend and raise up to form multiple levels of interaction and with a backdrop of dense plantation and boulders with grit it becomes a zone of tranquility. Although each space over the stretch of site evokes an emotion which resonates with the surroundings.


Client: True Valve Nirman
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Date: 2022
Size: 1292560 Sq.Ft
Team: shivansh, harmisha
Agency: design pixel

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