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L Block, Mondeal Retail Park. SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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Interior Design

Project Brief

This 800 sqft apartment is an elegant system of expansive spaces bounded within the simple lines. The clients, a busy working couple, required a clean timeless design that is clutter & maintenance free. Designed & executed in a happy budget, the design uses neutral blue shades in the bedrooms, and the wine hues dominate in the living and dining rooms. The bespoke artworks for the living & master bedroom define the personalization for the project. Even the dining table takes it form from the circulation space, keeping the lobby very efficient and chic. Overall, the project aims to keep the design seamless, site-specific and smooth for the years to come.


Client: Shri. Mrugesh Raj
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Interior
Date: 2021
Size: 796 Sq.Ft
Team: Janki, arpee, aarti
Agency: inclined studio

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