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Sarathya West

Landscape Design

Project Brief

Interfusion of present with pinch of bygones. In a sentence I have to define the project then it is like an amalgamation of present (modern style) and past (the Indian style).Right angles give a sharp image in one’s mind but they are much defining lines and patterns.

In the common space given for the landscape development , the corner points we have marked as a position of some elegant structures may be blended with softscape or may be only solid structure with some greens around it. Frame which we wanted to capture by the audience was the bold structures reminding us of Indian style structures, we used even the colour relating to style sinking in the modern era plate (the surface).

Each corner has subtle atmosphere with different characters like, one has a shaded seating area directed towards a falling waterbody which has varied vertical and horizontal plaids. Another one has a frame structure, zigzag wall having various size punctures in it. It act as a pause point from the driveway on the other side it has an interactive seating space too.

Let’s move towards another corner where one viewing tower has been created for kids and has been centralised by play area and the last corner has a green bed plaza space which is elevated and various types of seating areas have been scoped out of the plaza.

One interesting saga which has been played is by the softscape all the four corner has such a softscape that colour of it changes in different season, every corner blooms in different seasons. Grass grid at the edges create the expansion of the space with shade of greens reaching the edge of the vast structures.


Client: Vishwanath Builders
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Date: 2021
Size: 68770.8 Sq.Ft
Team: Rashi, janki, shivansh
Agency: align studio

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