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Ahemdabad, 2021

Client: Shivshakti Infracon

Keywords: Landscape

Area: 18500 sqft

Status: WIP

Design Team: Janki, Rashi, Mansi

Write up Courtesy: Rashi

Picture Courtesy: Studio 2+2

A Labyrinth of curves.
Sometimes it is easy to splatter the thought on the paper but to make it a splendid and functional design it requires a stretch of time and even a conscious mind to cater various aspects. Such a scenario we experienced in the initial stages of this project.
To breach the aphorism of the rectangular landscape space some articulation was required which we created by the form of waves, after drawing various wave patterns over the layout we concluded it by creating organised two parallel waves tilted in a particular direction running horizontally over the space.
Form plays a vital role in developing the space, to create more drama we portrayed the curves as the elevated elements also, from platform to seating and planters then to fabrication and also in the last layer of shaded space. So, by using similar curves at each interval with some articulation and even the repetition of some geometry at every level create such a space which establish a setting of maze.
Greens in the mazescape helps in softening the hardness in the whole premises. If we analyse the space segregation, then we get to know that one portion has the activity space and other part has the leisure, interactive space. To add the elegance in both the parts, interesting fabricated, water feature and a sculptural elements are placed smartly which doesn’t act as a hurdle in between the garden.
One meander around the establishment, from a human eye level a person will realise that from every angle the curves on the surface are same at first glance one can get confused in remembering the placement of elements, that was the agenda to create a maze which has various entry points but in the end all meet at a single destination.

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