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L Block, Mondeal Retail Park. SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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02h courtyard

Landscape Design

Project Brief

Inspired by mountains, the landscape of O2H is one of a kind. With layers and layers of shrubs and a few more layers of the mounds, O2H creates the much-needed break space after hours of work. The landscaping of this project has been centralized in terms of view, function, and accessibility, and serves as the green relief from the concrete of the commercial building it resides in. With beautiful plantations, around the area, one can spend hours on these undulating steps which, not only invite you to sit but also to take a quick nap on the green carpet. With layers acting as steps, the space is to be multi-used as an amphitheater. From general meetings to prompt functions, the space allows every user to have a different functional experience.


Client: O2h ventures
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 4190 sq ft
Date: 2019
Status: Work in progress
Team: Janki, Margi

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