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Karuna Nidhan

Landscape Design

Project Brief

An exquisite project in the lavish suburbs of Ahmedabad, Karuna Nidhan marries luxury with comfort. This landscape project is a dive into the tropics. Layers and layers of lush vegetation, serene waters flowing on all sides of the site, and pathways leading to cozy spaces, the landscaping of Karuna Nidhan transport you to your getaway paradise.

The landscaping meets you with a sea of green, making a contrasting front drop for the mono-toned building. Shades of green, engulf the stepping stones, which lead you to a mystical garden framed with feature walls, tropical plants, and water ponds. The central court houses the Japanese Garden featuring a monolith rock transforming the space into a zen state of mind. Large-leaved, dense vegetation paired with a trickling water body, leading to the basement induces the observer into a tropical rainforest-like atmosphere.

The backyard creates a tale of its own, soothing sounds of the water body, an amphitheater surrounded with thick vegetation, and an open gazebo that glimpses into the wide stretched green lawn, creating your summer laze day ambiance. Various moods stitched together to create a single beautiful piece is what Karuna Nidhan offers. Right from the very beginning of the journey to the end, the lux and comfort of the space are not compromised.

Comfort sitting shaded trees and soothing waters, Karuna Nidhan offers the best of the three.


Client: Vishwanath Builders
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 20093 sq.ft
Date: September 6, 2022
Team: Shivansh, Margi
Agency: studio flamebirds

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