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Kalasagar Skies

Landscape Design

Project Brief

Based in Chandkheda area in Ahmedabad, a residential scheme Kalasagar Skies, offers an alluring landscape defining motion and movement. As one goes through the driveway, through a double heighted pergola partially layered with creepers, at node of the pathway, a children drop off zone is an addition. A ribbon sculpture acts both as bench as well as a slide for children acts as a waiting and an interactive fun filled play space. Ahead of it, the senior citizen zone, is kept as an interactive and a meditative space for elderly people which is partially shaded by huge tree pits with open seatings. It has grass grid in linear fashion with a blend of softscape and hardscape which is easy to maintain.

Close to the amenities and clubhouse, there’s a vast elliptical lawn with a wooden deck with rows of shrub beds and open seatings around it and can be used for gatherings, and events. Following the pathway, it leads to an open kids’ play area which gracefully merges with the curves of the flooring line. To stir up outdoor games and develop child’s creativity skills, small sand pits are provided where kids run their fingers digging and making shapes in sand. A stepped seating formed blending the edge of the curve facing the raised wooden deck having pergola which can be used as performance venues, interactive space and also as an open sit-out to relax and ease up. In addition to it, there’s a multipurpose court which is a flexible space and can be used as a driveway too.

To highlight the flooring pattern, textural contrast has been created in the flooring lines making it more indulging and inviting. All the common plots are separated throughout and yet connected with the flooring lines, “the interlacing waves”.


Client: V3 Construction Company
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Date: 2021
Size: 59343 Sq.Ft
Team: Mansi, Kripa
Agency: renderworx studio

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