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Hrisha House

Interior Design

Project Brief

The Hrisha lights showroom depicts the characteristics of each of its wide range of products elegantly. The open show room is minimal with several ceiling lights. With an abstract tunnel placed diagonally in the open room obstructing the light paths, testing its play. The tunnel way is decked with sleek lights giving an enclosed experience of the illumination. The extended open room is brightened with a mirror-flooring pathway giving chic chandeliers a spotlight.

The conference room wall highlight portrays the purpose of their work; the room is orated with white to contrast the wide shelf wall materialized with books and antiques. The space is lit-up with the brand’s own variety of lightings which in turn highlighting each element in the room. Whereas, the lounge is aimed with a darker colour palette in order to show the characteristics of their illumination products’ samples. The space has doubled levelled false ceiling and various samples in the niches on adjacent wall.

Along with interiors, the brand also contributes to the outdoor lighting which is portrayed by replicating an outdoor arena, as a part of the showroom where the products are fixated on the walls, planter beds and the outlining curb.


Client: Hrisha Lighting Projects Llp
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape, Interior, Architecture
Date: 2021
Size: 3320 Sq.Ft
Team: shivansh ,sneha, suraj
Agency: inclined studio

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