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Landscape Design

Project Brief

Hurdles are the part of our life’s journey, how one handles it and create wonders out of it that matters. In this project three small landscape pockets were provided unlike other residential housing landscape projects in Ahmedabad were in the corner or in the centre the common plot area has been given for the landscape development.

Three different pockets of landscape at different areas we need to create and to develop a connection among them was a hurdle that was the biggest challenge we faced during the concept development of the project.

Circles give us a sense of completion because of which we have used the circular shape in all the three areas and the horizontal and vertical axial chords helps in maintaining the connection among the circles (three green pockets).Each pocket have a different story, entrance of each garden has been treated differently as per the atmosphere we tried to develop in each one of it.

The central garden which also act as a welcoming garden of the site represents the rippling effect of a drop over a waterbody. The centre of the garden has a circular water body which is little tilted from one side and at the back of it consist of an obelisk, while standing at the axial chords it seems like a giant structure extruded out of the ground with showering little water over the ground. Ripple effect over the water can be seen in the flooring pattern in between them seating are provided so that one can experience the aura of the garden.

The left side pocket subsist of a composition, where two different size circles are placed one after another which latter we developed as a celebration lawn and an interactive space where small group discussion can take place. Third and the last green patch, the activity pocket, it has a play of concentric circles, which we have developed as the Amphitheatre and the other left out space we created a play area for the kids which includes various play equipment’s. On the other side we created a seating area with circular planters adding the greenness to the garden.

So where is the connection, we missed it out or what? No not exactly. The axial chords running in the centre of each garden ends with a vertical giant structure, the obelisk, which completes the missed out volumetric element in all the three gardens and also it maintains the connection. The connectivity between the pockets was the major challenge which we solved it and displayed in this project marvellously.


Client: Hariaalay,
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Size: 52520 sq ft
Date: September 6, 2022
Team: Janki , Rashi,shivansh
Agency: rig animation studio

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