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Landscape Design

Project Brief

Nowadays people in metro cities started converting the terraces of residential apartments into green terraces, adding some more green pockets is beneficial for the environment and for us also. The amenities which
are not covered in the common landscape garden can be provided at the terrace with an aerial view as a plus point.

Journey is endless it is the human being whose life has an end. The prominent walkway which starts from one point and end at another point we have taken on the terrace which leads to different spaces like the
phases of Human being. The entrance is greeted by water feature, it is also acting as a junction element for both the sides of the terrace one area comprises of seating deck with planters and interactive space for
the senior citizen group of people which also has innovative swings also. The other side has dispersed rectangular seating , this area can be used for the meditation and also for reading.

The semi shaded deck can be used as a yoga deck also during the morning hours by the residents. This side area has a back drop which is covered by lush green beds consist of various flowering trees which imparts fragrance also.

In this way terraces can be used by the residing people of the apartment and even the developers are able to provide more amenities to their client and it helps them in selling the property easily.


Client: Weathercraft Landmark Limited & Vishwanath Builders
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape
Date: 2021
Size: 4520 Sq.Ft
Team: Janki, Rashi
Agency: impact design

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