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Interior Design

Project Brief

Amit Bhai Residence displays the essence of comfortable living. The interiors of the space transport the observer into a completely different atmosphere. Every room has a different palette, but wood amalgamates the house into one whole.

The journey of the house starts with a welcoming warm glow in the living room. Allowing the person to lie back and calm in their comfort zone, this recreation space is covered in shades of comfort. Wood, green, and just enough sunlight, one can pass hours in the space, with company or with a book, and feel in sink with the interiors.

The journey transcends into more private spaces of the bed chambers, which highlights the union of the house in wood. With subtle touches of blue and white working their charm on the furniture and floor, one truly enjoys their sleep in the cozy bedrooms.

The home has a character of comfort and stays true to the atmosphere that the designer intended to create, with just the perfect lighting at par.


Client: Shri.Amit Mishra
Location: Ahmedabad.
Category: Landscape, Interior, Architecture
Date: 2020
Size: 1717 Sq.Ft
Team: janki, suraj
Agency: abhishek shah

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